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Dorset’s Important Geological Sites Group was founded in 1993, following on the government’s requirement that regionally important geological sites not already adopted as SSSIs be registered by district councils to ensure their protection by the planning process. Since the district councils had little specialist expertise available, DIGS was formed by enthusiasts in the County to help with the process. DIGS is affiliated to GeoConservationUK and Dorset Wildlife Trust.

The GeoConservationUK mission statement:

The Association will encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites for education and public benefit.

Hence the aims of DIGS are to identify suitable geological sites within Dorset and register them with the District and County Councils to ensure their protection within the planning process. In addition, we raise public awareness of these sites and of the rich geological heritage of Dorset, and support these aims with guided walks, public lectures and talks and the publication of guides and educational material.

Walks Leaflets

Following DIGS’ successful application for a grant under the Local Heritage Initiative [LHI] we obtained funding to enable us to publish two volumes, each of five guides describing walks in the Dorset Countryside visiting some of the more important geological sites within the County. Both these have been published and are available from Dorset Wildlife Trust at ¬£3.95 plus P & P. Teachers will be interested to note that Educational Material will also be available for each of the geological walks, and each guide has a section for children aimed at Key Stage II.

The LHI award also helped us to involve the local communities by presenting a series of lectures given by the authors of the guides, in conjunction with walks over the published itineraries led by the authors.

If you are able to help DIGS in its programme within your local community we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact the DIGS Liaison Officer here.

We look forward to meeting you.

Preserving our geological heritage