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Holt Farm Quarry

We had a curtailed conservation session at Holt Farm Quarry today due to rain from about midday. Four members of the DIGS group carried out some tidying. It wasn’t in too bad condition, a lot of moss on the rock face plus autumnal leaf fall and fallen branches.
Thanks to the two Geoffs and Giles for helping.

Geoff Pettifer and I also visited Evershot Pit and that is in need of some TLC!

Left-side of rock face, before
A little tidier, and before the rain
Wider view, after clearance


Geoff Pettifer and Alan Holiday went to Whitecliff this morning and spent 2.5 hours clearing gorse and brambles. We also had some help from Rex Bale who lives nearby but unfortunately he had to leave early. At least we had some decent weather.

As you can see from the pictures there is still more to do. I was pleased to see that the information board is in good condition and there were lots of people passing by interested to see what we were doing and why.



The old cliff on the north side of Parkstone Bay shows the junction of the Parkstone Clay Member with the underlying Parkstone Sand Member (Poole Formation, Bracklesham Group, Palaeogene).

Stratigraphy from King, C. et al. (2016). A revised correlation of Tertiary rocks in the British Isles and adjacent areas of NW Europe. Geological Society of London, Special Reports. Volume 27.


The results of sedge and other scrub clearance at Poxwell Quarry on 24 September. Also, nettle and bramble removal from around the limekiln on 29 September.

Below is the Poxwell Quarry extension (2013), used to extract Lower Cypris Freestone for conservation of the Wolfeton Riding House.