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  • Whitecliffe (Poole Park) Geoconservation

    We had a good session this morning at Whitecliff (Poole Park) helped enormously by Hilary Barton and Rex Bale who live nearby.

    The gorse is very aggressive and really needed attention sooner but weather forecasts and Covid got in the way!

    Thanks to Geoff P for his help too.

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  • Rodwell Cutting

    This morning’s session in the Rodwell Cutting went well with ideal weather conditions. Thanks to Geoff P and Andy for their hard work, conditions underfoot were a bit tricky.

    The site is gradually improving as we expose more of the Corallian succession.

    The dripping well was well and truly dripping! It is an interesting part of the section with geological, geomorphological and ecological interest.

    The western most exposure nearest to Buxton Road (2nd picture)  provided a good Myophorella cast during the DGAG urban trail last spring (3rd picture).

    4th picture shows how wet it was underfoot, not ideal for conservation but at least is wasn’t cold or raining.

    A steady flow of people passed interested in what we were doing.


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  • Poxwell

    The results of sedge and other scrub clearance at Poxwell Quarry on 24 September. Also, nettle and bramble removal from around the limekiln on 29 September.

    Below is the Poxwell Quarry extension (2013), used to extract Lower Cypris Freestone for conservation of the Wolfeton Riding House.

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  • Red Lane, Abbotsbury

    Very successful morning at Red Lane today. Eight DIGS members did a great job clearing vegetation on the rock face removing ivy, convolvulus and nettles with brush cutting up the valley.

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