Holt Farm , Melbury Osmond

On 15 April a group of DIGS members carried out conservation work at Holt Farm , Melbury Osmond, south of Yeovil.

This site is a former quarry where Jurassic Forest Marble (shelly limestone) was exploited. It would have been used for paving and damp proof courses in buildings as the flat lying shell fragments make it impermeable.

Work was carried out to clear ground vegetation using equipment paid for by financial support received Conservation UK over the past four years (site surveys). Following on from this the group cleared moss from the rock face. Apparently the last winter, mild and wet, has been ideal for moss growth! As a result of our efforts the bioclastic Forest Marble is now better exposed for study.

1 initial clearing startr
Initial clearing start
1a initial clearing finishedr
Initial clearing finished
13a we was there!r
We was there!