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Geological Conservation – your chance to take part!

Dorset’s Regionally Important Geological Sites Group (DIGS for short!) has been active since 1993, involved in geological conservation around the county. The group has identified over 60 sites of geological interest (mostly former quarries and pits) and without the designation of these sites as being of geological interest they may have been lost. Sites have been designated with the agreement of the landowner and if there is any planning application which affects the sites, the group is consulted.

Nearly all the sites are inland and none are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) as coastal areas and SSSIs are largely protected already by legislation. Information on some of the sites has been incorporated into publications by the DIGS group, for example a pack of five walks in west Dorset and a similar pack of five walks in Purbeck (entitled ‘Beneath Your Feet’)

The group has also recently produced an educational CD on sites in Purbeck (The Purbeck Limestone Group. Virtual geology field trips to Purbeck limestone quarries in South Dorset). There is also a leaflet for a walk in the Poxwell area.

In order to keep the sites available with access to the public and educational groups the DIGS group carries out conservation work, mostly clearing vegetation (brambles, nettles etc) so that the rock faces do not become obscured. At a recent meeting of the DIGS group (meetings are held every two months at the Dorset Wildlife Trust H.Q. at Forston, north of Dorchester) it was decided to have a regular monthly conservation session on the third weekend of each month. If this sort of activity is of interest to you and you would like to take part please contact us for further details. No previous knowledge of geology is required but you could get hooked!

DIGS is a voluntary organisation that relies on your commitment and enthusiasm. If you are able to help DIGS in its programme within your local community we would be pleased to hear from you.

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