Bookham Farm

Bookham Farm, Buckland Newton ST707.042

Site description: Steep ‘wall’ in farmyard.

Geology: Cretaceous, Lower Chalk and Upper Greensand. Cenomanian: section in Zigzag Chalk, glauconitic and sandy at base with some phosphatic nodules.Type section of Bookham Conglomerate with clasts of glauconitic, phosphatized, shelly sandstone in sandy, shelly chalk matrix. This overlies disconformably – Albian: Shaftesbury Sandstone, a glauconitic, greenish grey, rubbly sandstone, overlying Cann Sand, a massive poorly cemented glauconitic sandstone and a soft, well-burrowed glauconitic sand.

Access: By prior arrangement, e-mail us for contact details.

Parking: In farmyard at entrance to farm.

Size of party: 15 people.

Education level:  A level/University.


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