Holwell Quarry

Holwell Quarry SY693.120

Site description: Disused limestone quarry.

Conservation: Owner is particularly interested in the wildlife attracted to the site, therefore it is important not to disturb the site unduly.

Geology: Jurassic, Upper and Lower Cornbrash. This quarry was described in detail by Douglas & Arkell in 1928 and at that time showed Upper and Lower Cornbrash, from the siddingtonensis to the intermedia zones, including the Astarte-Trigonia bed, as well as Forest Marble.

The present exposure is somewhat overgrown at the western end, but better at the eastern end. In addition there is an exposure in the river bank below the quarry.

Collections of fossils were made from this site before 1880 These were originally deposited in Sherborne School Museum, but went to the British Museum in the 1950’s. There are loose fossils present in abundance, with some visible in situ.

Access: By prior arrangement, e-mail us for contact details.

Parking: At side of road above Cornford Bridge.

Size of party: 15

Education level: A level/University

Douglas JA & Arkell WJ 1928: The stratigraphical distribution of the Cornbrash. 1. The south-western area. Q.J. geol.Soc.Lond, 84, 117-78.

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