South East Dorset

RIGS Sites in South East Dorset


Shipstal Point, Arne Crack Lane Quarry Corfe Castle Stonehill Down and the Cocknowle Gap California Farm Quarry West Hill Corfe Keates Quarry Knoll Manor Pit Brownsea Island Agglestone Rock Queensground Quarry Redcliff Point Rollington Farm Quarry St. Aldhelm's Head Quarry. Steeple Chalk Pit Swanworth quarry Whitecliff, Parkstone Bay Giant's Grave Bottom

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Open Access Sites

Agglestone Rock
Brownsea, South, North & Pottery Pier
Corfe Castle
Crack Lane Quarry
Giant’s Trencher (Giant’s Grave Bottom)
West Hill Corfe
Redcliff Point, Arne
Steeple Chalk Pit
Shipstal Point
Stonehill Down
West Hill Chalk Pit Corfe Castle
Whitecliff, Parkstone Bay

Access by prior permission

California Farm Quarry
Keates Quarry
Knoll Manor Pit
Queensground Quarry, Acton
Rollington Farm Quarry
St Aldhelm’s Head Quarry
Swanworth Quarry

Preserving our geological heritage