Agglestone Rock

Agglestone Rock SZ024.828

Agglestone close up
Site description: Isolated block of sandstone.

Geology: Tertiary, Eocene, Poole Formation, Agglestone Grits. The type locality for the Agglestone Grits, the block consists of ferruginous sandstones with individual bedding units of varying grain size from coarse (grits) to fine sands. Current bedding is much in evidence. The block originally showed essentially horizontal bedding but in recent times it has tilted due to the erosion of the soft sandstones beneath.

Access: Unrestricted access is possible from the public right of way over Godlingston Heath.

Parking: Various localities in Studland area giving access to public right of way.

Size of party: 25
Education level: Schools

Agglestone Rock Information

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