Giant’s Grave Bottom

Giant’s Grave Bottom NGR SZ015.811

Giant's Grave bottom

Giant’s Grave Bottom is a steep sided dry valley cut in the eastern flanks of Godlingston Hill, the highest point in the eastern part of the Purbeck Hills. It is remarkable for the abrupt change in direction of the valley that occurs about halfway along its length. This may be explained by a spring eroding headwards following two different lines of weakness, at right angles to one another. It may have originated in pre-glacial times, but was no doubt deepened by meltwater from snowfields on the Purbeck Hills in periglacial times.

Access: Unrestricted but often used for grazing.

Parking: Convenient layby on Swanage to Studland Road SZ 023809, Great care to be taken walking between the layby and the gate at the entrance to Giant’s Grave Bottom

Size of Party: Unrestricted but upper limit of 30 suggested

Educational Level: A Level/ University

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