Queensground Quarry

Queensground quarry, Acton SY996.776

Site description: Working quarry.

Geology: Lower Cretaceous, Purbeck Limestone Group. Middle Purbeck, Building Stones.

Queensground quarry is one of a group at Acton which have been quarried for hundreds of years. This central area provides a vital link in the sequence of quarries and outcrops of the Purbeck Limestone Group, from Durlston Bay in the east to Worbarrow Tout in the west.

The beds dug at Queensground include the Laning Vein which contains dinosaur footprints, a deep section of blue-grey shale with gypsum crystals, the Rag, Grub, Roach, Thornback, Wetston Bed and Freestone at the base of the quarry.

Structural features such as local folding can be seen as work proceeds. It is intended that a northern and eastern face will be retained for study when work is completed.

Access: By prior arrangement, e-mail us for contact details.

Education level: Research

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