Corton Farm

Corton Farm SY636.855

Corton road section
Site description: Road cutting and small quarry. The road cutting is a SSSI.

Excavation notes pdf

Geology: Jurassic, Portland Sand. Good exposures occur in the road cutting to Corton Farm and in a small disused quarry just to the west. The section consists of several metres of dark shelly limestone with serpulid knots, bivalves Exogyra, Thracia depressa, and some larger bivalves and ammonites of the Exogyra Bed. Above is the Cast Bed, a dark silty dolomitic limestone with bivalve casts.

Access: No restriction

Parking: limited – on northern verge of Upwey to Portesham road just west of Corton Farm turning.

Size of party: 15

Education level: A level/University

Corton Farm quarry Information

Corton Farm Poster

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