Rock Pit Farm

Rock Pit Farm, Maiden Newton SY 594 979

Rockpit Farm Maiden Newton

Site description: Old farm quarry, now a walkers’ car park and picnic site.

Geology: Cretaceous, Lower Chalk (Cenomanian). A 50m length, 2-4 m high section. 1 m of sandy, glauconitic Chalk and approximately 3 m phosphatic rubbly Chalk Marl are present. The latter is crowded with phosphatic fossils in good preservation although fragmentary. The fossils present include bivalves, brachiopods, echinoids and ammonites. The ammonites are of diverse form prior to their extinction, e.g. Schloenbachia varians, Scaphites, Sciponoceras and Turrilites. Possibly junction between Lower Cenomanian and Upper Greensand.

Importance of site: This site provides an exposure of a sequence not exposed along the Dorset coast. The section is also safe to study as it is not liable to cliff falls nor is there a problem of restricted access due to tides.

Access: No restriction

Parking: Car park at site.

Size of party: 25

Education level: Schools

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